Online dice or craps games involve a large number of players simultaneously. Craps is played at a large table, which has large fencing boards. The leading player (shooter) throws a pair of Craps on the table, which may result in a certain combination indicating numbers from 1 to 12.

Online craps game rules

The virtual dice are played in two stages during which the dice are rolled. These stages are commonly referred to as Come Out Roll. During the first roll, one number “Point” is determined and all subsequent rolls are numbered “Point Roll”.

Then in the game, the dice may fall out in different variations, depending on what bets win or lose:

  1. If the sum of points on the dice in the game is 2, 3, or 12, then the Pass Line bet is a lost bet and the opposite bet is a winning bet. If 2 and 3 are lost, then the player wins 1/1, but if 12 is lost, he simply does not lose his money on the bet.
  2. If the sum of points falling out on the dice is equal to 7 and 11, the Don’t Pass Line bet is a loss, but on the contrary, Pass Line wins 1/1.
  3. If the amount of points that are scored at a roll of dice differs from those described in points 1 and 2, the dropped number itself is fixed and it is called a “Point”.

The game then proceeds to the Point Roll stage, when the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are drawn. In this stage of the game, the dice are thrown out by the shooter until the sum of the points is 7 or the number that falls out of the Point. If seven falls, then the loss is on the Pass Line and vice versa.

Poker Dice Games

Dice poker is a gambling and exciting game, but it’s not your typical poker, no card involves, yet still, it’s one of the best dice games of all time. The task of each participant is to accumulate points. They are awarded for being able to collect a combination. All combinations of dice poker and their results are recorded in a table. The main thing is to collect the highest number of points, then the victory will be in your pocket.

Rules of the dice poker

The dice poker game is played in such a way that when all the participants have completed the first stage, the results are counted. The second stage dictates its own rules, and players must form such combinations:

  • A pair – two dice with identical rank;
  • 2 pairs – 2 cubes of one face value and 2 cubes of another face value (example: two triples and a pair of sixes);
  • Set in poker – 3 dice with identical rank;
  • Small street in poker – ordered denomination on 4 bones (from one to four);
  • Large straight – 5 bones with dignity in order;
  • Even – five cubes with an even number of dots;
  • Odd – 5 bones with an even number of dots;
  • Full house – “pair” + “set”;v
  • Square in poker – 4 cubes with the same face value;
  • Poker – 5 bones with an identical number of points;
  • Chance – five cubes, all with a different value.

When the time comes to count the points at the end of stage 2, the dice are added up. These are the basic rules of dice poker, the simple but elegant member of dice board games.


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