Craps is an exciting table game that offers you wins up to x30 to your initial bet and has really low house edge foe major bet types. Craps rules are easy to learn and it requires up to 10 minutes to get the basics of the game and start gambling. This guide is aimed to help you with that.

Basic craps rules

First of all, craps is a dice game. It uses a table with special layout for making bets. Your goal is to guess whether the Shooter (the one who rolls the dice) will win or lose. You can get a prize if you predict the right outcome, no matter what the result is.

Basic bets in the game are Pass Line and Don’t Pass Bar. They allow you to win the round even after come out roll (the first one). For Pass Line bet it happens when the dice shows 7 or 11. For Don’t Pass Bar it’s 2,3 or 11. If any other number appears during come out roll, then it’s a Point.

In case come out roll hasn’t shown the round winner, the game continues until Shooter hits the point or until the dice shows 7 and Shooter loses.

Except the two major bets you can also use these ones:

  • Come/Don’t Come;
  • Field;
  • Big 6/8;
  • Any Seven;
  • Any Craps;
  • Hard 6/8;
  • Hard 4/10;
  • Easy Hop;
  • Hard Hop;
  • Buy;
  • Lay;
  • Place;
  • Don’t Place.

These bets will last one round or until the dice shows a certain combination. Casino craps rules may also allow odds side bets. They may be up to x100 to Pass Line/Don’t Pass line bet size depending on the website you play at. Using odds you can significantly decrease house edge.

Craps rules: odds and payouts

Basic Pass Lime and Don’t Pass Bar pay even money. They have 49.29% and 49.93% winning probabilities, while the house edge is 1.41% and 1.31%. If you use odds, house edge may be way lower and reach even 0.02%.

The most high-paying bet sin the game are Hard Hop And Easy Hop. The pay 30 to 1 and 15 to 1. Still, they also have huge 13.89% and 11.11% house edge. Winning probabilities are 2.78% and 5.56%.

Here are some tips to get better wins in craps: Use your bankroll wisely not to spend all the funds from the beginning.
Don’t bet too much on Hard, Hop and Any bets. They offer good winnings but the house edge is high too.
Use odds in case casino craps rules allow you to do that.
Set stop-loss limits.
After the point is established, Don’t Place and Lay bets have the best winning probabilities.

If you play craps for real money, make sure you choose a trustworthy gambling site with valid license and fair withdrawal policy.


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