Casino dice games in Canada

Canadian casinos are famous for being transparent and exceptionally secure. For that reason, players may not only find their favorite slot or table card game but casino dice games too. The range of games on offer is pretty impressive, whereas some games feature live dealers. The most modern technologies allow to provide such facilities and casinos in Canada do not moss the opportunity to attract their clients by providing this proposition. There are hundreds of games on offer hence every individual will find exactly what is needed.

canada casino dice games

Dice games on offer in Canadian casinos

The list of casino dice games may surprise virtually anyone, so it is crucial to understand the rules as some games are dedicated for entertainment purposes only, whereas the others are the traditional ones. Games for entertainments and events may have some strange names and dedicate to entertain players during promotions and other events. So not all of them could make players interested. On the other hand, traditional games are more common and have distinct rules. Here is what can be found in Canadian casinos:

  1. Craps and its varieties;
  2. Sic Bo;
  3. Klondike;
  4. Banka Franceska;
  5. Hazard;
  6. Dudo;
  7. Dice Hold’em;
  8. Poker dice;
  9. Ricochet;
  10. Red dog.

The list of casino dice Canada games is endless. So, players will either stick with something more common or on the other hand may pick up something with exotic. Again, knowing the rules is absolutely crucial, so never play the unknown game before free practice mode is not tried in the first place.

Basic rules of how to play the most common games

It is always better to know the basic rules of casino dice games that make the top of the list and can be found in the majority of casinos. Here are what players should consider.

  • Craps is probably the best known and the most popular dice game. It has several varieties but the general principle is that a player should choose to either be on the shooter’s side or against him. The shooter’s bet or a portion of his bet has to be covered by all players. Then, the shooting starts. A certain combination of numbers can finish the game after the first round. If it is not over a point number is set. Rolling continues before 7 or the point number is reached. Shooter and player who are on his side lose if 7appears and win if the point number is reached. There are 22 other options to go for. Each of them has different odds and rewards;
  • Sic Bo is a Chinese game of chance. It involves three dices. A dealer uses the chest to shake up the dices, whereas the player bets on certain combinations. If the player guesses the combination, then this player is the winner. It should not be the exact number as there are plenty of options with different odds and rewards to go for;
  • Poker dice is another popular dice game. There are two personal dices and three communal dices. Just like in poker, there is a combination of numbers that make a hand. The target is to collect the highest hand.

Craps is still perceived as the best casino dice game. The vast majority of players who play dice games in casinos always go to the craps table to challenge their luck.